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This is a Lite version of the Dental Patient Education app, developed in collaboration with Dr Brian Davey DDS. NEW - all animations now have voice-over narrations. The Lite version contains all of the anatomical reference tool functionality. Providing 360 degree views of the lower jaw, allowing users to peel down layers to reveal muscles, blood vessels, facial nerves and skeletal structures. Users can also view each type of tooth individually -- with cross sections and superior and inferior views. Additionally, each pinned structure includes detailed descriptions and audio pronunciations. This section also contains media highlighting muscle movement and joint functions. The Lite version also contains 12 sample animations, the first one under each section heading. ===== The Full version contains almost 200 animations ===== These animations include: Diagnostic (8) Prevention (9) Conditions (43) - 20 Prosthodontic - 2 Endodontic - 9 Orthodontic - 5 Periodontic - 7 Oral Surgery Treatments (137) - 84 Prosthodontic - 6 Endodontic - 25 Orthodontic - 18 Periodontic - 4 Oral Surgery To see some additional sample animations you can visit the website via the "Dental Patient Education Support" link. All of the other functionality is contained in this Lite version, including the ability to draw on any screen and then share that annotated screen via email.